Friday, 19 December 2014

Come on Mom,Time is Running Out!

Georgia: Every time mom sticks that flashy box 
in our faces for pictures,

we have to remind her that

time is running out

to do up and e-mail our Christmas cards!!!

Mom is very disorganized this year!
We purr your purrson is better.
Either way, have a fun weekend !

Monday, 15 December 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: I'm trying to decide if I should have a nap in this
box . Hmmmm...

Nope. I will not snooze in the box. Mom has that
flashy box, so I think I will choose another spot.

JJ: This blankie is cozy and I like sleeping here.

Treasure: I don't want this box either.

Gee! Should I change my mind?

Our lights are all lit up and look bright at night.
Mom says there are not enough green  and blue lights in 
these strands.She calls then "fiesta" lights
 because all you see are yellow,orange and red lights.

This lovely wreath was made by our sitter.
We think he did a great job!

What is Julie doing and why does she look so blurry?

You can find the answer at House Panthers.

Friday, 12 December 2014

After the Deluge

On Wednesday, we had a HUGE rainstorm.
We received 104mm of rain,or 4 inches!
Many roads were flooded as were homes.
We were indoors,nice and dry. Mom was the only one to get wet.

Thursday was nice and sunny and JJ was on the porch.
It was warm and he wanted a snooze, so he chose this tiny box.

As you can see,the size  not bother him at all.

Julie: I on the other paw like to stretch out.
I like to lay on this big pink towel.

It is a great place for a snooze and the warm sun made me sleepy.

I love warm sunny days.
Mom says we will be having showers until Monday.
Darn! I want sunshine!

Here is a video of the river close to our home.
It was very full and very fast due to all the rain.

Whatever weather you have,
 we purr your weekend is FUN !

Monday, 8 December 2014

Relaxing with Georgia

Georgia: Mom moved this chair into the living room.
It is pretty comfy, so I decided to claim it.

Sometimes I just like to watch what's going on.

For example, what is JJ so interested in below him?

Julie and Treasure !

 Do you see where Julie is sitting?
She is close to the floor vent.
She what she does at House Panthers.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Finally Friday

Georgia: Here is an idea of what we like to do when Mom is 
not home, and shortly after she does come home.

The lump.

It's me!

I love to crawl under blankets and have a snooze.
It is so warm and cozy,especially when Mom turns
the heat down when she is at work .

JJ loves to steal mom's computer chair when she gets up.
It is a running battle between them.

Julie likes any excuse to go out on the porch.
She also likes to be wherever Mom is.

Treasure loves to sleep.
When he is in the same room as Mom, so much the better.

What do you like to do when your people are not around
or when they  just come home?

Monday, 1 December 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: This past weekend was Mom's annual
Tea and Tour weekend.
That means Mom abandons us overnight while
she goes off having fun with her sister.

While she was gone, we did a lot of this.

Treasure gave Mom the stare when she came home.

Mom and her sister helped set up tables and decorate.

On Sunday, people cam and had tea(and goodies and coffee),

then toured homes like this one, decorated for Christmas.

We are sure the homes were very nice,

but like Julie, we wanted Mom to be home!

We were happy when she did come home. 
We cannot hold a grudge  as Mom makes a fuss over us 
and we like that.

Julie will share a couple more pictures.
See her at House Panthers.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Remembering Tillie, One Year Later

It was a year ago that my little Tillie passed away.
This is her last picture I took before acute renal failure
claimed her. I do not know why, it does not matter.
She is gone.

She was charming and a real diva kitty.
She had such pretty big eyes.

She also loved grass,one blade at a time.
Yes, she was a bit spoiled.

She loved her box on the porch and enjoyed many
snoozes here,especially on sunny ,warm days.

Thank you Tillie, for allowing me to share in your life.
I will always remember you and love you.
May you always enjoy sweet grass and sunshine!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Finally Friday,Staycation Over

Georgia: Slurp,slurp.

Oh hi! We have been enjoying our week with Mom.
It's been great and we wish it would not end.
I got scritches and brushes and lots of Mom time!

JJ got to spend  time  with Mom fighting over space
on the desk and laying on the mouse and blocking
the monitor. He loved it!

Julie loved being in the kitchen window.

She pretty much follows Mom everywhere she goes.

Treasure had a great week too.
He likes checking all the food bowls.

Bonus! He found a crunchie that was left behind!
Hey! That's MY bowl. Did I miss that crunchie? Rats!

It was a good week and now it's the weekend.
We purr you all have a fun weekend !

Monday, 24 November 2014

Georgia Hangs with Mom on Staycation

Georgia: I like having Mom home when she is
on vacation. I get more scritches and cuddles.
I like to lay on her hoodie when she puts it down too.
No Mom, you can't have it back yet. 
I'm not done enjoying it yet!

Julie likes having Mom home too.
See her at House Panthers

Friday, 21 November 2014

Fishy Friday

Georgia: I am really happy today is Friday. 
That is because Mom will be home all next week!
Yup, she is on staycation with us!.
Oh boy,cuddles and scritches. I can hardly wait.

Because Mom will be home, JJ and Julie will be 
looking forward to more porch time.

Treasure will be looking for lots of attention too !

Way back on November 3, we posted a lot of bird pictures.
We know our friends ,The tabbies o trout towne
are not fans of "stoopid burdz" so we present
the following tasty fish pictures!
Yup, Mom cooked up some mighty fine,fresh haddock!

Then she put it on this big salad.
Yes, she shared with us and it was good!!

 We purr you all have some fun this weekend too !