Monday, 23 April 2018

Happy Monday with Georgia

Georgia: Happy Monday friends.
We had a really nice weekend as it was sunny.
It is even getting warmer and I am looking forward to that.

Mum was not fast enough to catch me out and about
but she did catch me relaxing in mt favourite spot.

JJ enjoyed the weekend too.
He was on the porch  but again, mum was not there 
to take a picture.
She was outside a lot doing yard work with help from

You know who really enjoyed the sunny weekend.
Yup, Julie!
She was soaking up the sunbeams in the
kitchen window.

She was even able to watch Bird TV!

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Finally Friday!

Georgia: We are glad it it's Friday.
It has been a cool week in more ways than one.
We have a few issues with the furnace that
mum is getting fixed.Good thing it is not super cold.
The best news is that we should see sunshine again
this weekend after days of rain! WooHoo!
For today we are doing some close ups.

This is mine.



and just for fun...Earl the Squirrel

We purr the weather is getting nice wherever you live
and that Spring makes a serious appearance.

As usual, we purr you all have a FUN weekend !!

Monday, 16 April 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: I am really making mum happy lately.
Usually when she wants to take my picture, I am sleeping.
I confess I do find sleeping an enjoyable pastime.
With the longer days, I am up more and mum likes that.

She really likes when I pose and look at the camera.
See mum, I am pretty easy to get along with.

 JJ also loves to sleep. When you are  an older cat, yousleep more.
 When JJ is not sleeping, he likes to get petted and eat!

Attention seeker Julie will sleep if mum is busy.
She likes to follow mum around when she is awake.

This past weekend we saw these fellows in the yard.
Chippy Chipmunk...

and Earl the Squirrel

Julie did not sleep all weekend.
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Friday, 13 April 2018

Finally Friday !

Hi friends and welcome to Friday the 13th!
Actually, it's not so bad. We are indoors and it is a bit rainy
outdoors. The good thing is we had sun and warmer temperatures
this week and much of our snow is gone!
The rain we are likely to have for the forseeable
future should take away the rest.

Georgia: I am going to hand out here as it is a comfy spot.
I prefer sunshine to rain and do not wish to watch it fall.
Napping is more fun.Well, getting brushed is really fun too.

Julie: JJ and I are going to chase mum around the place
to see if we can convince her to give us treats!
We do not do anything special to earn treats. We think
we are good looking ,friendly and behave well and
should be rewarded for that.
How about it mum?
Please may we have some treats?   *

* mums like it when you are very polite and are more likely 
to give in to your requests for treats :)

Whether you get earned or unearned treats we purr
you all have a FUN weekend !

And, because it is Friday the 13th

from Julie

Monday, 9 April 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Mum was busy with that flashy box this

I figured that if I posed, she would move on soon. She did!

JJ was having a bath.

Those long furs take a lot of grooming.
Mum often helps.

All worn out, JJ takes a nap.

Our yard was looking pretty good.

The Chickadees were eating happily,

so was Chippy Chipmunk.

The daylily shoots are coming up!
All signs of Spring!

Sunday afternoon, this happened!
This is NOT a sign of spring!

We are not impressed!
When this stops, we should have  about
15cm (about 6 inches) of snow.
Now that Monday is here, it is sunny but cool.Go figure.
We hope it warms up later in the week to melt
this snow!

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Friday, 6 April 2018

Let's Get This Weekend Started

Georgia: Guess what" Another weekend is here and
I am very happy.
It means mum will be around and I will bet lots of attention and 
some brushings. I love getting brushed. I love scritches too
and mum does that very well.

JJ: Oh yes Georgia,mum gives great scritches.
I also hope to get more.
Oh mum, a little to the right!!

Julie: NO MUM! Not the flash!!!

I do not want to give my friends the laser eye!
I just want to show them my "crouching tiger" form.
Not bad eh?
Like my siblings, I look forward to mum time this weekend.
We probably won't see any sun, but we will have FUN with mum!

How about you?
What are your plans for the weekend?
Will they be FUN ?
We purr so.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Mancat Monday with JJ

JJ: Hi there friends.
We all had a great 3 day weekend with mum.
We all had fun and enjoyed the time together.

As much as we like having mum home, I for one am happy to 
get back to my routine. I like mum, but I also like my

When you are as old as I am, you like your sleep.
Heck, we cats like sleep at any age!

Georgia was sleeping under the bed a lot. While there is a heater 
there, I think she was nervous of mum.
She was afraid that she might get taken to the Vet again. MOL!

It usually takes several days for her to realize that  mum
is just walking around and not getting ready to grab her
and put her in the PTU.
When she finally starts to relax she comes out.

I am not convinced that she is totally relaxed though.
Usually sleeping involves closing your eyes.
At least she got a clean bill of health from the Vet.

As you can see, it was a pretty good weekend.
Here Julie and I are on the porch!

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Friday, 30 March 2018

Happy Good Friday with Flying Squirrels !

Georgia: Well, today is Friday and mum is home!
That is because it is Good Friday for Easter weekend.
I am happy now, but last night,mum took me to the Vet!
She said it was a check up to make sure my urinary
infection was gone. The Vet said I was purrfect!
Mt tests came back A-OK, so we came back home.
Bring on the treats mum!

JJ is in his fave place by the fireplace(that does not work).
He is waiting for some treats too.

Julie is waiting for mum to put the camera down and
run her belly. She wants belly rubs any chance she gets.
(She got her belly rubs)

Have you ever seen flying squirrels?
Earl will demonstrate.
3 weeks ago, we had snow.
Earl wanted to get to the tree where mum puts the seeds.

And he's off!

Mid flight.


Approaching target.
You can see another squirrel at the bottom of the picture.

Mum took this picture this morning.
As you can see, the snow is gone!
While we may see sun tomorrow, there is  a lot of rain
in the forecast for the coming week. Darn!
At least the ducks can see the seeds now.

How is your weather?
We purr you all enjoy Easter weekend and that you all
have FUN !