Monday, 20 November 2017

Lazy Monday at Mickey's Musings

JJ and Georgia are having a  big snooze on a very snuggly
It is pretty cold outside so  it is good to  be in a warm spot.
We are very happy !

Julie is just hanging out and looking around the place.

All in all a pretty quiet Monday.

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so see more Julie!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Finally Friday Close-Ups

Georgia: The weekend is here!! We are excited about that.
Mum is going to a little party tonight and when she gets
back, we will have her all to ourselves.
Saturday will be nice and sunny, so we hope we can get
more sunshine pics.
Sunday  is supposed to be rainy,just like it is today.
These close ups are from a day that we had sunshine.

JJ: Mum likes these pictures as there are cool shadows in them.
It makes the pics more dramatic.
We think it makes us look pawsome.

Julie: Whatever the pictures look like, we are going to  enjoy
the weekend. That's what weekends are for.
Well, that and the porch and treats and scritches and belly rubs...

What do you like about weekends?
We purr that whatever you like ,you  have FUN !!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Oh Hi! I am having a drink of water.
It is nice to drink water as the air at this time of year 
is pretty dry so it is good to stay hydrated.

My big brother JJ also came over for a drink,

JJ and Julie were on the porch for a while Sunday morning.
When the clouds came and blocked the sun, they came in.
It is warmer in the house as mum turned the heat on.

JJ knows that he will get back on the porch again.
He likes it out there  about as much as Julie.

When it got cool, Julie came in and lay under the credenza.
The floor vent is next to her and she is loving the warm air.
I don't blame her as I like to sleep on the vents
myself. I think I will go and find one now!

You can see Julie's weekend pictures  by following
this link :  House Panthers

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Remembrance Day

We remember and give thanks to all the people who served
our country.
We thank them and we remember them.

The Act of Remembrance

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
We will remember them.
For more information, click the following link.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Finally Friday

Georgia: Well, it is finally Friday.
It was a week of adjusting to darkness coming sooner.
Usually when mum came home it was not quite dark.
Now, she comes home in the dark!
She does not like that too much.
Other than that, we have  adjusted to the time change.

Today is a bit rainy but mild.
When the rain stops, it will get cold!
Mum did say that the weekend should have sunshine.

I hope so as I would like to sit on the porch again like I
did last weekend. 

I am pretty sure JJ would love to be on the porch snoozing again too.

And Julie...well,you know she lives for the porch!

I am pretty sure she would love to have a nice snooze 
on the porch couch.

What are your plans for the weekend?
We purr it involves FUN!
And remembrance, as  Saturday is

Monday, 6 November 2017

Mancat Monday with JJ

Good day friends. JJ here.
As you can see, I am enjoying some sunshine and I like it very much.

Saturday morning did not start out very well for me.
Mum dragged me to the Vet!
Something about a semi-annual exam.
Sheesh, what do I know about exams?
More than I thought apparently as I passed with flying colours!!
The Vet stole some blood and was very impressed with 
the results. My kidneys are looking good and she 
told mum that I could reduce my Thyroid medication
to 3/4 of a pill.
Not bad for an old fella!
The vet staff thought it was neat that the Tech drawing
my blood was born in the same year as me...1997!

Anyway, after all that excitement, I need a good snooze!

In a rare sighting, the sisters,who have a dodgy  relationship,
were in close proximity on the couch.
Something caught their eyes, though I am not sure what.

Georgia and Julie did pose for a picture and were
well behaved.
Guess they both just wanted to enjoy the sunshine.

If you want to see more Julie, 
pop over to House Panthers!

click the red link

Friday, 3 November 2017

Finally Friday with Video

Georgia: Well. it is Friday and I am happy.
Mum is off today. She is using a vacation day.
That means I will get lots of scritches and some brushings.
Sadly, we might see some rain this afternoon, but that is OK.
The temperatures are quite nice and we are indoors.

JJ: I like it when mum is home as I can get on the porch.
Because it is enclosed, it is always nice out there.

Julie: I always love to have mum around.
I love to follow her  and she gives me belly rubs.
I love mum, but she is not always the smartest  person.
She put a video on the House Panther blog, but forgot to
upload it so it did not work! Sheesh!!
She has fixed that.

I have decided to show it here as well so you can see how much
fun I had with my Tooth Fairy toys from all the cats and the
I hope you like it.

We also wish you all a FUN weekend !!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween !


Hope your trick and treating is fun and gets you lots of treats!!

Happy Halloween !

Monday, 30 October 2017

Playing With Julie's Tooth Fairy Toys

Julie: Do you remember when I had some teeth removed
at the end of September?
Well guess what? 
I got toys from the tooth fairy!

That tooth Fairy is very smart and just knew I
needed toys.

Thank you Ellen and kitties !!

Did I mention that these toys are handmade and pawsome?


Oh boy! This is great!

There were 3 toys.
Just enough for the three of us too .

JJ enjoyed playing.

So did Georgia !

She had fun.

She got pretty blissed out too! Hahahaha!

Thank you Tooth Fairy !
We loved the toys.

You can see more of me an the toys at House Panthers.
I have a movie there as well !
Purrs Julie.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Let's Get This Weekend Started

Georgia:  As you can see, I am laying on the floor vent.
That time of year is here when the house gets cool and mum
turns the furnace on to warm things up a bit before turning 
it down again.

I enjoy the heat and do not like when she turns the heat way down.
This picture is a bit blurry because mum did not use the flash
as she did not want me to have laser eyes.

JJ is having a bath before bedtime.

He likes to go and snuggle with mum when he is done.

Julie is in the kitchen.

She is hoping to convince mum to give a big round of bedtime treats.
It's not working.

We are all looking forward to the weekend.
We think it will be better than last weekend as mum is 
feeling better. Her back is not sore, but she caught a cold
and now that is going away too.
Needless to sat, she did not do to much picture taking 
this week. We are not complaining.
She will probably make up for it this weekend.

With that in mind, we hope to have some FUN!
We purr you all have lots of FUN  too !!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Mum was nursing a sore back, 
so she did not chase us around too much with that camera.
She saw me enjoying myself in this chair though,

Really mum! From this angle, I look pretty big!
I am curled up and not as "fat" as I look in this picture!!
I am actually pretty svelte.

Here is JJ. Mum was giving out some treats and he woke up from
his nap to enjoy the goodies. He is wishing there were more.

Julie ,who spends most of her time on the porch was spending
time looking out on the back deck.

You can see a little more of Julie at

Friday, 20 October 2017

Let's Get This Weekend Started !

Georgia: We are happy the weekend is here again.
Mum is really happy too ! MOL!
We are looking forward to some scritches ans brushings.
Mum says it will also be a pleasant weekend with sunshine and 
pretty nice temperatures.

Oh! Treats too!
You did say treats, right mum!

JJ and Julie are great pals. They like to keep mum company 
in the computer room. 
JJ likes to groom other cats and Julie loves being groomed.

These two often will snooze together.

As you can see, Julie is a very happy kitty !

We purr you all have  a great weekend.
Be sure to include lots of FUN !