Monday, 15 January 2018

Monday Musings With Georgia

Georgia: We had a pretty quiet weekend.
It was wild and windy and rainy on Saturday.
Lucky for us we did not lose power this time!
Saturday night and Sunday  were cooler.
Overnight it snowed a little bit.
Mum calls this a skiff of snow as you can still see the 
ground through it..

JJ and I enjoyed a great snooze again.
We really like this spot as it is comfy and we can
keep an eye on mum while she is on the computer.
Right here, we are just keeping her company ;)

Snoozy JJ.

Snoozy me.

Guess what else happened this weekend.
Mum saw Earl the Squirrel taking seeds to 
his home inside a tree!
She got video too.

Julie is posting at House Panthers.
Pop over and see about her weekend.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Finally Friday

This weekend, you are not likely to see and pictures 
of any of us doing this.

We are more likely to be doing this.

and this...

and this!

Because of this!

As you can see, we are getting rain on Saturday
and it will be cloudy on Sunday.
However, the temperatures will be quite warm.
Saturday will be 13C (55F)outside.
With our enclosed porch,it will be even warmer!
So while we will have no sun, we may still get on the porch!

We purr you all have a cozy weekend too filled
with lots of FUN !

Monday, 8 January 2018

Warm and Cozy After the Storm with Georgia

Georgia: JJ and I are nice and cozy

JJ was on the porch with Julie and they were cozy.

Nice sunshine.

Happy cats!

We even had some ducks hanging around.
This one on the road.

This one at the end of the driveway.

We had a BIG storm thursday that pretty much closed
the city of Halifax.Many people including mum
went home early.
There were hurricane force winds with lots of rain too!
One of the harbour bridges was closed and there were waves
in Halifax harbour.
The boardwalks along the harbour were flooded!
The storm knocked our power out at 4:30PM Thursday  and it
was restored Friday night at 9PM.
Friday turned very cold! It was very cold all weekend .
We are glad mum had the oil tank filled.

Our old kitchen windows sometimes get frost.
 It melts when the sun comes out.
The patterns are pretty so we are sharing them with you.

Mum says this week will not be as cold as last week.
That is good for her. we do not worry about the outside
as we stay indoors. It is good for outdoor critters though.

You should pop over to House Panthers.
Julie will tell you about her weekend.